Tea Drop

Tea Drop has ensured the highest quality tea selection to FASHIONCONNECT MSFW VIP guests. Look out for the ultimate luxurious gift bags chocked full of high end treats.

The Tea

Tea Drop is committed to sourcing the highest quality tea and packing at origin in small quantities to maintain ultimate freshness. All their tea is hand plucked and hand processed under the Orthodox method, ensuring their end consumer enjoys the best cup of tea possible.

Tea Range

Tea originates from the Camilla Sinensis tea bush. Whether a tea leaf evolves in to black, green, or white depends entirely on how it is processed. Tea Drop pays close attention to the finer details of the journey from plantation to cup, ensuring the very best product every time.


Tea Drop believes as we enjoy excellent tea, we need to give back to where it comes from. Tea drop presently works with children less fortunate who live near the plantations in Sri Lanka. With every cup of Tea Drop tea, you are making a difference in their lives.